Who pays the bill for my website?

February 14, 2017

You every heard the term "Professional Blogger"? You read that you can get rich by having your own blog just through paid content and ads? You read the stories were people with dull full-time office jobs now earning money while drinking coffee at starbucks by just posting to their blog? Well, all these stories are true. But they are exceptions to the rule. 99,99% of all bloggers do not have any commercial success. Just because they have no own ideas, they have no access to exclusive content, they cannot write, they have no network and they are bad at marketing, they save money at the wrong place and they just have the dollar signs in their eyes and do not understand what attracts readers.

Well, i'm one of these 99,99%. At least when it comes to generating revenue with my website. But - and this might be a difference - i'm not interested in this kind of business. I just want to write down thoughts, ideas, comments and want to provide the opportunity to others to read and comment on this.

But you may ask who pays the bill. Writing content requires some time and hosting normally isn't free. Yes, but yet i hist my site for less than 2 EUR per month. Maintenance is very easy because i do not use a big fat blog software like WordPress - i just use a flat file cms without any database and deploy it via a free continous integration service directly from the git repository. That makes it easy, cheap, reliable and relatively secure.

What may be seen as a cost factor is my time. On some days i write one or two hours. On other days i write nothing. But each month there will be 10 hours to 15 hours i spend on writing. But it's an hobby. So there's no need to get paid for that. Others play with miniature trains or waste time on computer games. And theres one other important reason you won't see any banner or paid content on this site: I really hate that and therefore i do not want to see it by myself ;-)

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