How to hire me

February 13, 2017

I'm yet not actively looking for a new permanent role. I am actually happy with my job. Anyway no one knows which door opens and which opportunity may come. You are always welcome to make an offer.

Your offer should be awesome and outstanding - like an offer to work for Google, Facebook or Microsoft or to work on a Warp Drive.

I prefer to work where i want to be and when i'm creative and effective. This is not forcibly compatible to a conventional office job with strict show-up hours. Sometimes i work very early in the morning and sometimes disgustingly late in the evening. Sometimes i prefer a desk and colleagues to solve challenges and sometimes i just want to sit in the corner of my favorite café.

You can be sure that i'll add value to your business. If you hire me, you hire a very creative and highly effective - but yet not conventional or easy - person.

If you think we should talk, please step back and send me information about the position and the company via mail first. Do not forget to include your contact details and a timeslot for a call. I will call you, if i'm interested. If you don't get my call, i'm not interested. You can find my contact information via the "Legal" link at the top right corner of my webpage. I usually make an decision on the same day.

Need a CV?

You'll get my updated CV if i'm interested in your offer. In the meantime you may want to read my LinkedIn Profile. Do not send me a contact request. I only accept contact requests from people i personally know.

Photo: Pexels